Julia Serano’s “99 Erics” Virtual Book Tour!

coming soon to a computer near you!

The virtual book tour is over now. But all the readings have been archived on YouTube & Facebook, so you can watch them there! (see below for specific links)…

For those who don’t know me, I’m an author who has written several nonfiction books (Whipping Girl, Excluded, and Outspoken) on the subjects of gender, sexuality, and social justice activism. My debut novel, 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel, is a humorous tale of an ethically non-monogamous bisexual female absurdist short fiction writer who sets out to write a book called “99 Erics,” about her experiences dating ninety-nine different people named Eric. It is more surreal than slutty. Not that there is anything wrong with slutty.

Given my impeccable sense of timing, I unwittingly released this brand-new book just as a global pandemic was starting up. Way to go me!

So with all the IRL book readings I had previously scheduled being cancelled due to Covid-19, I am happy to announce my virtual book tour! Here are all the details; more info about the book will follow that.

Saturday, September 5th, 3pm EDT/noon PDT (& 8pm in the UK)
On writing a book about writing a book
In addition to reading excerpts from the book, I will talk about how 99 Erics came to be. Specifically, how an earlier failed attempt to write a novel (and reading many “how to” books & articles related to that endeavor) inspired me to satire (& sometimes speak candidly about) the process of writing and publishing a book.

Tuesday, September 22nd , 7pm EDT/4pm PDT
On bisexuals, “weirdos,” and book characters who are Unusually Queer™
On this Bi+ Visibility Day eve reading, I’ll explain why I initially decided to forefront Kat’s bisexuality, and how this eventually evolved into a quest to make 99 Erics the most “unusually queer” book possible — by which I mean, it is very queer in its sensibilities, but is not centered on same-sex relationships or traditional gay/lesbian framings

For media inquiries, review copies, and interview requests about the book and/or these readings, please contact me.

99 Erics has received praise from other authors, and currently has a 5 star rating (from 5 reviewers) on Amazon, and a 4.4 star rating (from 10 reviewers) on Goodreads. So in other words, people are enjoying it! You yourself can order 99 Erics from your favorite brick-and-mortar store (tell them it’s available through Ingram) or from the usual online outlets. Also, the first 5 chapters of the book can be downloaded for FREE from my website. Here is a brief description of the book:

99 Erics is a silly, surreal, sex-positive tale about Kat Cataclysm — an ethically non-monogamous bisexual woman and absurdist short fiction writer — who dates ninety-nine different people named Eric for literature’s sake. The book is largely comprised of amusing anecdotes from Kat’s dates with various Erics; satirical takes on relationships, sexual conventions, language, the writing process, book publishing, online media, and tech culture; and Kat’s smart yet silly digressions on a variety of topics, including the distorted nature of memories, hipsters, sex toys, sabermetrics, YA dystopian fiction, trendy restaurants, temporal anomalies, Freudian slips, banana slug mating practices, lucid dreaming, the internet of things, poetry slams, and Prince lyrics, to name but a few. These more fanciful passages are seamlessly interwoven with more serious and mundane matters, such as navigating the world as a woman and sexual minority, being an outcast who doesn’t really fit in, struggling to make ends meet, and reconciling one’s past with the present. The end result is a fun and fast read that tackles meaty subjects and contemporary issues along the way.

You can learn more about 99 Erics via that link. And you can read excerpts from four of the chapters — Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut, Posers, Lady Parts, and Banana Slug of a Different Color — right here on Medium!



writes about gender, sexuality, social justice, & science. author of Whipping Girl, Excluded, 99 Erics, & her latest: SEXED UP! more at juliaserano.com

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Julia Serano

writes about gender, sexuality, social justice, & science. author of Whipping Girl, Excluded, 99 Erics, & her latest: SEXED UP! more at juliaserano.com