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Julia Serano
2 min readMar 25, 2024

My apologies, should have posted this last week: Turns out I’m a nominee for this year’s San Francisco Pride Grand Marshal! Voting ends Monday March 25th at 5pm (today for many of you), so if you’d like to support me, please use this link: https://sfpride.org/grand-marshals. From there, click the “VOTE HERE BEFORE MARCH 25” button, which will bring you to a Google form where you can cast your vote — it only takes a minute. From what they tell me, it’s close between several nominees, so I appreciate any help you can provide!

While I have your attention, here are links to two recent podcast interviews and a book review I wrote:

The book review was for Judith Butler’s Who’s Afraid of Gender, which I highly recommend. The review was published in the feminist journal Signs’ Short Takes section — you can read it at that link.

The two podcast interviews were both in support of the recent release of the 3rd edition of Whipping Girl.

On Cancel Me, Daddy, we discussed the book and how the internet has shaped both the trans and anti-trans movements over the last two decades. Here it is on Apple Podcasts, but it can be found on all podcast platforms.

On It Could Happen Here, we discussed the forthcoming 3rd edition and “its wide ranging impact on how we think and talk about trans people.” Here it is on Apple Podcasts, but it can be found on all podcast platforms.

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